About Us.

Yellow Pages America Inc. is a young, dynamic company engaged in the mutually compatible areas of search and networking in the business to business market.

This is achieved by offering our clients a nationwide online directory service that is easy to use, interactive, offering an appealing, contemporary design that promotes a 24/7 electronic market place connecting businesses and fostering an environment where business activity and growth can be encouraged.

Electronic directories combine enhanced functionality by offering more live space to promote a business, interactivity and social networking with the advantages of traditional directories such as relevancy, accuracy and action oriented clients, as they are engaged in a specific search for products instead of browsing. Using such directories also enables clients to register a presence on the internet or assists in enhancing the profile of the business that already has established itself on the internet.

You do not need to be an expert in marketing to use the site nor is it important that that you are familiar with confusing industry terminology. What the client needs to know is that it is becoming increasingly important to register a presence on the internet and the directory services provided are an effective way of doing this whilst providing a no nonsense way of being found. The best web site in the world offering the most cutting edge technology is no use if clients cannot find it, cannot download it or cannot use it.

Yellow Pages America Inc. combining modern technology with traditional marketing tools. Register now using the link to our online form found on the main page or by clicking here: Link